Scrapyard Pro helps you run your business more efficiently.

How can we help you?

Make money

Accurately calculate profits by using the actual costs paid for materials.

Save time

Automatically populate registration forms by scanning a customer’s driver’s license, capture fingerprints and signatures digitally, and take high-resolution photos of both the customer and the material purchased.

Secure peace of mind

Compliant in all 50 states, Scrapyard Pro can help prevent your business from being disrupted, and possibly avoid costly fines, by automatically ensuring that every transaction that you make complies with state and local laws. This feature is built into the software, taking the worry off of your shoulders and allowing you to concentrate strictly on buying and selling your metal.

Automate reporting

Easily export all required transaction data to your law enforcement agency or record management service, such as Business Watch International (BWI), BWI'S RAPID system or LeadsOnline MTIS (Metal Theft Investigation System).

Prevent theft

Integrate with your security cameras and scales to ensure that transactions are recorded properly. You also can restrict access to ticketing and cash registers.

Protect data

As some states require that your transaction data be retained for a certain period of time, we will store your data for 10 years in our safe and secure data storage facility, keeping it completely disaster-proof. And, your customer data is easily searchable.

Purchase wisely

Scrapyard Pro provides automatic alerts for expired licenses, underage customers, and alerts of your choice.

Please customers

Pull up all of a customer's information by having them re-scan their fingerprint each time they visit.

Track shipments

Use GPS to locate vehicles, monitor current speeds and fuel levels, follow arrivals and departures, and communicate with drivers.

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Our Story

We started 20 years ago as Web4Minds, a software development firm that provides custom solutions to meet our clients’ needs. One such client came to us four years ago to develop software to manage their scrapyards.

Upon receiving feedback from the client and working with dozens of others, we realized that we had created a product that stood out among the competition, so we brought our solution to the marketplace as Scrapyard Pro. It is now used at recycling centers across the country, by clients ranging from single-location owners to regional operators.

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