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Scrapyard Pro makes it easy for you to run your recycling center. A combined Windows-based ticketing software and Web-based yard management portal, Scrapyard Pro lets you manage in real-time from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Manage inventory, material prices and cash flow using live data. We safely store all of your information with our Web-based data storage, which is always secure in an off-site facility that meets the most rigorous industry standards, complying even with the requirements of major credit card companies.
As a hybrid solution leveraging both the Web and Windows, we eliminate the need for an on-site server. If you have more than one recycling center, Scrapyard Pro integrates multiple locations under a single interface.
Name materials, set prices, determine how you report transactions to law enforcement and customize financial reports based on how you manage your recycling center. We put you first so that you can run your business better.

Schedule a demonstration of Scrapyard Pro to see how you can get the latest technology with great service and value.


Scrapyard Pro is proud to have an active client community. Our clients help us improve our software so that we can help them run their scrapyards better. Here are some examples of how we have helped.

“When we took over a yard they were still doing things manually. It was a nightmare for me. We needed everything to be as easy possible, and Scrapyard Pro has definitely helped us to run our business better.” Julie
“Others in the industry recommended Scrapyard Pro to us. We´ve been sailing with it since. If we do call, they take it and remote into our computer and fix it right then and there.” Adam
“It makes everything so much easier. We were doing manual tickets before and it has cut 90 percent off ticketing time. It is simpler for me and the price was reasonable.” Tom
“After researching several software programs, we are definitely happy that we chose Scrapyard Pro for our recycling software. It has saved us time and money and it´s very user friendly. Compared to other software programs, it is affordable and it keeps us compliant with the current laws and updates! We would highly recommend this software to any recycling center.” Arlen

See How It Works

Investing in quality software is a decision that you should make as thoughtfully and with as much information as possible.

We are happy to walk you through a demo of our product, give you the facts, and leave you alone to make the decision for yourself.

We call you at a time that is convenient for you. Then we do a screen share in which we show how the software would help you and answer any questions you may have. The entire process takes 30 minutes or less.

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The ScrapyardPro Guarantee

  • Your questions answered.
  • No pressure. Ever.
  • We believe in our product.
  • We are proud to let it speak for itself.

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Our Story

We started 20 years ago as Web4Minds, a software development firm that provides custom solutions to meet our clients’ needs. One such client came to us four years ago to develop software to manage their scrapyards.

Upon receiving feedback from the client and working with dozens of others, we realized that we had created a product that stood out among the competition, so we brought our solution to the marketplace as Scrapyard Pro. It is now used at recycling centers across the country, by clients ranging from single-location owners to regional operators.

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