If you have scrapyard management software other than ours you may be running on borrowed time, because it is likely server-based, meaning it is stored on – and run from – a computer at your site.

Using the off-the-shelf, server-based software that our competitors still sell today is like running your scrapyard in the 1980s.

Do you remember software in the '80s? When you would buy the big package, bring it home and install it, only to find a few months later that the company that sold it no longer supported it and that you had to buy the newer version?

That's the server-based model from which the recycling-center-software industry grew. Think floppy disks.

When you invest in Web-based software as a service (Saas) , like Scrapyard Pro, you always have the latest, customizable technology, and it is more cost-efficient than paying upfront for technology that may be outdated in a few years, thereby requiring another significant lump-sum expenditure. Think cloud.

Software developers experienced in customizing solutions for businesses created Scrapyard Pro specifically for a recycling center that was not getting the efficiency it had sought from server-based software. The client was so satisfied that we then started to offer the software to other scrapyards that wanted a better product, better service and better value.

Better product

  • You can manage in real-time, using information that is secured in our Web-based data storage. You also can integrate your scrapyard management reports with your accounting software, including QuickBooks.
  • Scrapyard Pro allows you to run your business from anywhere with an Internet connection. You can even manage multiple locations simultaneously through a single log-in.
  • Customize the software for your needs. Name materials, set prices, determine how you report transactions to law enforcement and customize financial reports based on how you manage your recycling center. Print invoices and checks with your company's logo.

Better service

  • Scrapyard Pro is never out of date.
  • We improve it based upon your suggestions so that you always have the latest functionality you need to manage your scrapyard.
  • We also maintain up time of more than 99 percent, but should you need it, you can get real-time service from a live technical support specialist for no charge.

Better value

  • We knew when we started designing Scrapyard Pro that we did not want clients to pay the exorbitant installation fees or excessive maintenance costs that are common for recycling center software.
  • Your upfront costs are minimal and you always have the latest version of our yard management software for no additional cost.
  • You also do not need to pay for server maintenance, which can cost hundreds of dollars a month just for preventive services.

Make money. Save time. Secure peace of mind.

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Our Story

We started 20 years ago as Web4Minds, a software development firm that provides custom solutions to meet our clients’ needs. One such client came to us four years ago to develop software to manage their scrapyards.

Upon receiving feedback from the client and working with dozens of others, we realized that we had created a product that stood out among the competition, so we brought our solution to the marketplace as Scrapyard Pro. It is now used at recycling centers across the country, by clients ranging from single-location owners to regional operators.

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